The pages below contain information about the status of the openSUSE infrastructure.

Monitoring page

Get detailed monitoring information from our infrastructure. This page requires valid log in data.

If you are part of the openSUSE-Heroes, you can use your special credentials to get access to the detailed monitoring information of our servers and services.

We plan to publish some high level status information from our monitoring here once we find the time to do so. Until then, we can just recommend to use status.opensuse.org if you want to know the current status of the openSUSE infrastructure.

Monitor openSUSE

Status page

Status information about our services. This page is for end-users who want to know about the current status of our infrastructure.

Via our infrastructure status page status.opensuse.org, we try to close the gap between the more specialized and detailed Monitoring of hosts and services and the community requests asking to know just if a service is available, has outages or is completely down.

Note: conversations in our IRC channel on irc://irc.opensuse.org/#opensuse-admin are logged and can be read here.

Status openSUSE infrastructure
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