Alerting page

Detailed monitoring alerts from our infrastructure. This page is currently only accessible internally through the openSUSE Heroes VPN.

We transitioned from an Icinga2 setup with the IcingaWeb frontend to a Prometheus based monitoring solution. The new configuration is entirely managed using Salt and can be found in our Salt Git repository.

The setup uses packages from our preferred distribution, and is enhanced with custom packages gathered in the openSUSE:infrastructure:monitoring repository.

Status page

Status information about our services. This page is for end-users who want to know about the current status of our infrastructure.

Please note that the status information provided there is updated manually. We did not connect our monitoring with the (available) API, as we have not yet implemented a way to provide meaningful user facing information automatically. We think you earn a bit more explanation about the reasons why a service might be temporarily down or unreachable.

The software used for the status page is called Cachet.

Grafana Dashboard

Our public Grafana dashboards visualize the various machine and service metrics gathered in our infrastructure.

IRC Logs

We discuss our topics mainly in our #opensuse-admin IRC channel. You can find the latest logs from these discussions here.

Please be reminded that everything you type in this channel will not only be logged on this page. IRC allows everyone around the world to participate in and log the various public conversation channels.

Please remember to follow some common guidelines to keep our channel a useful and friendly place for everyone to exchange ideas, post status updates and chat in a welcoming environment.

We additionally have a channel for monitoring alerts at #opensuse-admin-alerts. It is public, but should not be taken as a user facing reference for the status of services. Rather, it notifies administrators about issues early, allowing us to proactively resolve them.